Gary Reeder Custom Guns, located in Flagstaff Arizona, originally began as a standard gun shop, The Pistol Parlor, 31 years ago this year. The Pistol Parlor is still in business, operated by Gary's wife Colleen. Gary and his son Kase build the custom guns in two large fully equipped machine shops located near the Pistol Parlor.

Originally building full custom Remington XP-100's and full custom Contenders, now there are over five dozen custom revolvers series, including cowboy guns and larger caliber hunting handguns, full custom Thompson Center Contenders, G-2s and Encores, full custom large caliber hunting rifles, full custom 1911s,  and many one of a kind specialty guns.

Reeder Custom Guns has a full warranty on all products to the original owner.  Should you feel there is a problem with the item or are dissatisfied with it, return it immediately for a replacement if the item is proven defective due to negligence on our part .

For more information on all the full custom guns, feel free to call, E-mail or fax Gary Reeder Custom Guns

We can be reached at 928-527-4100.

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Gary Reeder (right) with his friend John Linebaugh
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