megabeastblue1.jpg (79962 bytes) For over 5 years now I have wanted to build a LARGE caliber hunting rifle. The 577 Nitro or the 600 Nitro have enticed me for years. We tried to put out a single shot 600 Nitro but had problems finding manufacturers to do the small parts and stocks. So we dropped the idea, until recently. 
After doing almost a years worth of ballistic testing on 2 new cartridges we now have our MEGA BEAST in production. This new beauty comes chambered in either of the 2 new calibers, the 586 GNR or the 610 GNR. Both are based on the 577 Snider case which is readily available from Jamison Brass or from Huntington Die Specialties. We carry the dies and have the loading data.
The new MEGA BEAST is built on your Ruger #1 base gun and the base gun can be in any caliber as all that changes. We add a new heavy duty 20 inch barrel and our own patented muzzle brake, add front and rear sights and engrave the sideplate with scenes of dangerous game. The deluxe version has solid sterling silver dangerous game positioned to the sideplates along with engraving while the field grade has engraved animals. We add gold or silver bands to the barrel and the gun is then high polished and has our deluxe Black Chromex finish done to it. We finish the stock in an ebony finish and add a decelerator butt pad to it for more comfortable shooting. 
The 586 GNR and 610 GNR are true short range dangerous game cartridges. Each one was designed to shoot a 550 grain hard cast flat nose bullet at 1900 fps or better. This gives our MEGA BEAST a TKO of 92 or better. A factory 460 Weatherby has 84 TKO, so we beat the 460 but do so with less than half the recoil. 
Whether you choose the 586 GNR or the 610 GNR MEGA BEAST, you will have all it takes to put down the largest most dangerous game on this planet. 

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Field grade..$2495 on your Ruger #1
Deluxe grade..$2695 on your Ruger #1
6 month delivery in most cases