beast7.jpg (19698 bytes) Got too many Cape Buffalo in your back yard or maybe a couple of Mastodons are keeping you awake at night? Well, we have the answer to your problems, and that answer is The Beast. The Beast is a specialized rifle built to your specs and in the large caliber of your choice. It is built on your Ruger #1 base gun which can be any caliber. 

The Beast is a very unusual rifle in several ways. First it is short and stubby, but is very quick to get into action when you need it the most. The barrel is 16" plus the brake for a total of 18" overall. The entire gun, stock and all is only 34" total overall. This is one of the shortest dangerous game rifles made, if not the shortest. If you are hunting dangerous game a short barrel is much better than a long barrel in close, confined areas of heavy brush or jungle. When you are taking on large dangerous game at 15 yards, you want something that will put it on the ground right now. Not 15 minutes from now, but right damn now. And this one will do it. The Beast comes in the caliber of your choice. 

Some calibers are not available.

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Which ever way you go and whatever caliber you choose, you will have one of the most unusual and most useable large and dangerous game rifles made, The Beast. 

 If you hunt large game or dangerous game, you won't find a more desirable or dependable rifle on the market than The Beast.

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Jason Parr's BEAST!

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Jason's BEAST compared to a 
15" Encore

on your Ruger #1 rifle

4 to 5 month delivery in most cases