The Texas Ranger






We are bringing back and revising some of our older series. One of those is our TEXAS RANGER CLASSIC. We have built this series in revolvers and in 1911s. The 1911s were quite a few years back so we are bringing it back and making it better than ever. The new TEXAS RANGER CLASSIC comes chambered in 45 ACP or in 10mm. The prototype is done in 45 ACP. It has all the goodies on it, like a beavertail grip safety, 3 dot sights, checkered mainspring housing, special trigger, stainless small parts, custom hammer, action job, and aged ivory Corian grips, or the grips of your choice.  The new TEXAS RANGER CLASSIC can be built on your base gun or on a gun furnished by us. On your gun it is $995. The TEXAS RANGER CLASSIC, with us furnishing the base gun will be priced at $1495. Delivery time about 3 months.


$1750 or $1295 on your gun.

Delivery time 4-5 months