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With the parts shortages from Thompson Center keeping us from building full custom barrels, we are still doing GNR caliber conversions on your TC barrels. The list of calibers is available on the custom TC page.


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Due to all the parts and material shortages every order we have is running behind. This is not just a Reeder Custom Guns problem either. Two of the major gun companies have stopped taking any orders for 3 to 4 months trying to catch up. At least one major ammunition company has stopped taking any orders and has shut down their web site temporarily until they can catch up. Of the 350 to 400 orders we currently have in our book over 100 are 8 to 9 months behind. Most guns are being finished in 8 to 9 months but some that require special services like porting, or special engraving templates or special parts installed are running a bit farther behind. All parts are back-ordered from every company we deal with. Steel that we build our cylinders out of that normally takes 2 weeks is now taking 3 to 4 months. Some barrel blanks are back ordered a year. Material for our grips that normally takes 2 weeks is now taking 3 months. Everything these days is back ordered and very few things are actually in stock.

We don't get paid until the gun goes out the door so obviously we would like to get your gun finished as much as you would. We just ask that you be patient. We will get the gun out as quick as we can. I have 2 machine shops working every day to get your guns out in a timely manner. Unless you have a change to your order, please hold off calling to ask about a delivery date. We will call you when the gun is finished and ready to ship. I thank you for your patience.

God bless,

Gary Reeder

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E-Mail: gary@reedercustomguns.com

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