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The SPOTLIGHT revolver cartridge for this week is the 510 GNR. This is a cartridge I developed back in early 2002. We were all shooting the 500 Linebaugh but there were no light loads in the Linebaugh cartridge and loading them up light was a tricky proposition. I developed the 510 GNR on a short fat case, so that we could load it down to the 510 Special velocities, a 300 grain bullet at 900 fps or load it up to equal the 500 Linebaugh. The 510 GNR was developed for the 350 grain bullet and has done very well with it, having taken 3 elephant with it and 2 of them with one shot each. It has taken numerous Cape Buffalo and loaded down has taken cow elk, Bison and such with ease. With all the shortages these last couple of years the brass has been a bit hard to find but can be made from 348, 50 Alaskan or 500 Linebaugh brass cut down. We have a trim die to do this easily. We also have the dies and loading data in stock. The 510 GNR will put out a 350 grain LBT style LFN bullet at 1300 fps in a 7” revolver. It will do 1650 fps in a 10” Encore barrel. We also have loads for a 435 grain bullet but the cartridge does best with the 350 grain. In the picture the 510 GNR is on the left with a 45 Long Colt on the right for size comparison.

510 GNR and 45 Colt


Hunting PictureS of the Week


Eric Stenberg with a big Fallow buck

Tom Cothrun with an Angora goat taken with his 41 Mag Contender, being assisted by Phyllis “killer” Sim

I had planned on mentioning this a while back but kept thinking it would get better but it isn’t so here it is. The chemicals we use for our various refinishing of the custom guns is running way behind again. Not really sure why. But if you think your gun should be finished by now and you don't have it, that is probably the reason. Normally the chemicals take 60 days or so for a large drum, but these days it is taking 4 to 5 months to get a big batch.
Also Ruger has changed things a bit which is causing some problems. They no longer make blued hammers or triggers. Some of our series are all black (Black Widow etc), and we are having to try to find them on the internet, which takes time and is much more expensive. It isn't going to cost you any more, just take a bit longer. So, again, if your gun is running late, hang in there. There for a while we were advertising 4 to 6 months delivery. These days it is running a minimum of 6 months, and in some cases a bit longer. So be patient. I will get your gun to you as soon as I can.

New Product

10mm Hog Hunter

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Our next HHC (Handgun Hunter’s Challenge) has been booked. The next hunt is September 29 thru Oct. 2 2016. The HHCs are at our usual place, the Wilderness Hunting Lodge in Monterey Tennessee. Watch our forum http://www.reedercustomguns.net/forum/ for more details. If you want to join us on one of our hunts, call Sandy at 931-979-4050 and put down your deposit.

New Product

 GNR 22 Flattop Tool

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Spotlight Custom Rifle
This is one of our Mega Beast rifles. It is built on your Ruger #1 and comes in pretty much whatever caliber you want. The Mega Beast shown is chambered in our extremely powerful 476 GNR, which is the 50 Alaskan necked to 475. This cartridge has been used all over the world for big dangerous game. In the building of the Mega Beast we add a new heavy duty 20” barrel and our own patented muzzle brake which is guaranteed to reduce the recoil by at least 50%. The overall size of the Mega Beast is short as you can see in the picture. it is the same size as a Ruger 10-22. The short size is perfect for dangerous game hunting in heavy brush. You get new front and rear express sights, and is sighted in when you get it back. The gun is engraved with whatever game scenes you want and you can have your name engraved on it at no extra charge. It is finished in our deluxe Black Chromex finish or in a satin vapor Honed finish if your Ruger #1 is stainless. The stock is ebony finish with a Decelerator butt pad. The 476 GNR has taken several elephant and numerous Cape Buffalo plus at least 3 Brown bears. You get the same power you have in the 470 Nitro and 500 Nitro but without the extremely high ammo price as you can easily load it yourself. We have the dies and loading data.

The Mega Beast is $2495 on your Ruger #1.

SPOTLIGHT Contender & Encore Cartridge

The SPOTLIGHT Encore and Contender cartridge for this week is the 416 GNR. This is a great cartridge for big and dangerous game. I developed it in 1993 for an African hunt later that year. I had used the 450 GNR on the 1992 hunt in Africa but wanted to get away from the large bullet drop using the 500 grain solids. The 416 GNR was tested with the Speer 350 grain soft point bullets and performed perfectly on a large Eland at 100 yards and a large Waterbuck at almost 200 yards. Since then it has taken elephant with the 400 grain solid. The 416 GNR is a simple cartridge to make. Using 348 brass you load a powder like 2400, AA#7 or a like powder up to the shoulder, roll up half a square of toilet tissue and push it down tight against the powder and shoot it. This forms the case perfectly without wasting a bullet. It can also be made from 50 Alaskan brass simply by running it thru the sizer die and necking it down. No fireforming necessary. The 416 GNR puts out a 350 grain bullet out of a 14” Encore at well over 2000 fps, a 400 grain solid at over 1900 fps and a 400 grain hard cast lead gas checked bullet at 2000 fps. In the picture the 416 GNR is on the left with a 45 Long Colt on the right for size comparison.

280GNR and 45 Colt


Hunting Pictures of the Week

Wayne Kolar with a nice Russian boar taken with his 429 GNR.

Dara Stringer, machinist for Dave Manson Custom Reamers with a nice cow elk taken with the 7 GNR

When Shipping Your Gun

An important note on sending your base gun in. Please do not strip it of the parts and just send the frame in. That just puts us having to call around all over trying to find the inner parts. That also puts you way behind those that sent the entire gun in. I got a gun in yesterday with a bare frame and barrel and another one today. These two fellows are probably going to have to wait twice as long as someone else that sent in the full base gun.

As of now I will no longer accept partial guns in as a base gun unless you clear it with me beforehand. We are all working 12 hour days trying to get your guns done in a reasonable time and I simply don't have the extra time to sit and make calls all over trying to find the parts that you left out. When you send in your gun, you can take it apart if you feel better doing so or if it makes sending it easier with UPS or Fed Ex, but make sure and put all the internal parts in baggies and send them with the gun.



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